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Kinetic NRG’s overarching business goal is to make a positive contribution to hydrokinetic power generation

A tenacious journey embedded with research, innovation and product development, a solution has been unraveled for Hydrokinetic Energy Generation.  The Hydrokinetic Turbine (HKT), in addition to solving a crucial issue of green energy generation it resolves a long list of key sustainability questions founded upon the modern trends in clean technological evolution. Our flexibility allows us to  offer our clients a solution using standard units and  bespoke solutions according to flowing assets.

History of Kinetic NRG

kinetic nrg history



Prior to his working career, Aaron graduated at the Business school of Bond University. Aaron provides commercial and business development guidance to KNRG. He is a strong and focused leader with a history of Sales & Commercial Management, having worked in both private enterprise and OEM businesses. Aaron has significant financial control and KPI management capabilities that he brings to the KNRG team. With a significant tenure in the Mining & Resource industry he acquired market knowledge in both local and SE Asian markets. As the son of KRNG’s founder, Aaron is passionate for the company, its vision and collective stakeholders.



Over the last two decades, Scott has worked with and helped shape diverse aspects of electrical construction. His extensive experience spans a wealth of sectors both in Australia and internationally. Scott brings velocity to complex large-scale electrical projects with crucial sustainability considerations. Fuelled by delivering breakthrough innovations and exponentially better project outcomes, Scott specialises in uniting all turnkey resources and expertise required for individual projects. For the last 10 years, Scott has been CEO of ASI Electrics, a tier one company. One of his foremost accomplishments to date has been driving successful progress and testing of Kinetic NRG, one of the world’s most valuable renewable energy resources.

Lisa Davidson

Key & Strategic Advisor

Lisa provides comprehensive commercial delivery support in all areas of business including management, finance and project development. Lisa is also Director of a renewables construction and project management business, and was previously Associate Director of green investment bank, CEFC, leading renewable investments in the infrastructure sector


Bell Legal

KNRG company legal representative since 2016.


GFA Strategic Accountants

Accounting and business advisors, advising KNRG since 2016


Michael Buck IP
IP Lawyer

KNRG patent and trademark attorney since 2016

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