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The Camilleri Turbine

The Camilleri Turbine maximises the efficiency of existing hydropower assets while unlocking the true generating potential of under utilised water sources.


Kinetic’s innovative Camilleri Turbine design and its unique Integrated Power Module (IPM) results in power take off levels previously not thought possible. Its efficiency enables power extraction from very low water flows.


The innovative design has a single moving part, the first of its kind rota ring power take off system incorporates the worlds most powerful rare earth magnets and coils. Cut in and cut out speed are all controlled electronically allowing real time assurance, predictable power output and consistently safe operation.


The Turbine’s unique design and high level of power generation means the application is almost limitless where ever water flows, water treatment plants, island communities, tidal flows, rivers, irrigation canals, and tail races. Power take off levels previously not thought possible can now  unlock energy from even slow moving water.


The Camilleri Turbine’s unique combination of Innovative blade design and Integrated Power Module (IPM) is now achieving power levels previously not thought possible opening up opportunities from low to high water flows. We are here to work with you in first exploring the technical and then commercial viability.


The Camilleri Turbine efficiency in power capture lowers the cost-per-kw through technical innovations – modular construction and ease of installation with minimum environmental impact and no business interruption.


Developed and patented in Australia, the turbines have a single moving part and are constructed from robust materials for long endurance.

Our purpose is to make a positive impact in the creation of low cost base load renewable energy anywhere that water flows in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

  • Provide the world with access to affordable, reliable and modern energy service
  • Increase renewable energy supply with a 24/7 base load potential
  • Improve energy efficiency of existing water assets
  • Form energy generation partnerships to produce clean water to remote communities
  • Support modern and sustainable energy services to undeveloped nations

We are the worlds leading innovator in turbine design technology   

The Camilleri Turbine has been developed using several state-of-the-art innovations. These innovations have been patent registered and are redefining science.

Utilising the power of rare earth magnets, a patented rotor ring, an integrated power module and purpose designed highly efficient turbine blade, Kinetic NRG have accessed previously un-tapped water energy sources.

Targeting this energy in existing water networks, including irrigation channels, tail race canals, natural river flows, tidal currents and urban networks Kinetic NRG can deliver consistent base load power supply to meet modern demands.

Side and intake view of 1.5m diameter Camilleri Turbine, showing overall modular dimensions. This turbine can produce over 30 kW at a 2.0 m/s flow.

After the sun has gone down and the wind has stopped blowing, water in rivers, channels, seas and oceans can be predictably used for energy production.

A significant number of the worlds existing water assets are either not being harnessed or not being maximised

The Camilleri Turbine captures energy from water flows as low as 0.5 meter per second. We maximise power take off through  the unique design of our Integrated Power Module.

This design incorporates the world’s most powerful rare earth magnets and coils inside an innovative rota ring design with a single moving part thereby maximising power take off levels from mechanical energy to electricity. 

Power Generation

Resorts and Communities

Agriculture and Irrigation

Supply and Treatment

The more Kinetic NRG explore the potential, the greater the range of applications

Due to the simplicity in scalability, the range of uses is endless, where water flows we can work with you to develop a bespoke solution to enhance not only performance of assets, to reduce energy costs but also potentially revolutionise your business model to increase revenue streams.

About the Camilleri Turbine technology

Environmentally responsible

The Camilleri Turbine technology minimises environmental impact while optimising clean and efficient power production. Unlike conventional hydro-power generation, the turbine system requires no dam construction and causes no adverse impact to the surrounding habitat.

High capacity factor - baseload

River & Ocean Current hydrokinetic turbines deliver consistently high levels of continuous power able to supplement an existing grid or serve as an independent baseload for smaller Communities that are not yet grid-connected.

lower costs

Start-up, maintenance and life cycle costs provide a leveraged cost of energy equal to, or less than, other renewable sources. Additionally, hydrokinetic turbines generate power at a market-competitive cost per kilowatt hour rate, in targeted global regions

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Over time we have developed a range of models, based on savings or revenues, to suit both yours, and our, business needs. Our team would be delighted to discuss your specific needs and desires with you.