Supplying Decentralised Hydro power to the People, for the Planet.

Generating more hydrokinetic power with less water flow than any global competitor

We are the inventors of the patented Micro Hydropower Kit that supplies complementary clean power to communities with access to constant water flow. Our Vision is to provide communities across the globe with the technology to generate predictable clean energy in decentralised locations without the need for heavy machinery and expensive infrastructure. The world is transitioning to a low carbon economy and cleantech renewable energy technologies are starting to dominate the global energy market. Micro Hydro generators provide a constant base load power generation using untapped kinetic energy flows

Kinetic NRG have developed a patented novel design that positively contributes to cleantech power generation.

The Opportunity

Run-of-River (ROR) also known as run-of-the-river is where little or no water is stored or dammed. Subject to constant water flow, installing our micro hydropower kit for energy production is considered an environmentally friendly, complimentary power source to solar or wind power.

Kinetic NRG are well positioned to deliver an environmentally friendly Hydropower solution that is well suited to work with DRE systems due to its small weight and size, transportability and high power output in comparison to competing systems

While hydropower accounts for over 70% of global electricity production from renewable energy sources, the sector is currently underrepresented in the portfolios of institutional investors

Hydropower counts as key technology of the decarbonized energy sector, because of its highly predictable base-load generation, high stability, flexibility, and as most efficient large-scale mode to store energy

Hydropower stations constructed decades ago across Asia are in need of significant investment and upgrades to enhance their critical contribution to the region’s clean energy goals

Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) is the most promising model to bring sustainable energy to All


The Patented Kinetic NRG Micro Hydropower Kit (MHK) uses an environmentally friendly rotor to produce more power from low velocity water flow (1.5 m/s) within irrigation channel and run-of-river placement. The MHK’s modular design, transportable structure, Integrated Power Module (IPM) and AC electricity balancing via a smart technology power management system makes this system grid ready.

Due to the low CAPEX and OPEX the MHK is well positioned to exceed the USA Department of Energy targets of Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) – which is $/kW over lifetime of asset.

Kinetic NRG are paving the way for predictable, environmentally friendly, turnkey, Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE), Hydropower systems


Designed with an Integrated Power Module and smart technology power management system make this system grid ready, ideal in remote and private locations.

Socially & Environmentally Responsible

Rotor design means there is no chopping action to cause harm to fish. No damming required with Run-Of-River or Irrigation Channel installation. Local Assembly means jobs creation potential in remote communities.

Focus on LCOE

Clear and achievable pathway to exceed USA Department of Energy targets of and LCOE of USD$0.06. Long design life 20 years Low maintenance

Lighter & SCalable

Modular composite design with a total weight 25% Less than competing Micro Hydropower Turbines (800kg) and scalable from 1.5m – 4m.

Higher Performance

Unique rotor design producing  3.2x more power (24 kW) than it’s closest competitor at (7.5 kW) at a water flow of 1.5 m/s


Optimised manufacture, 40% Lower cost when compared to traditional turbines via 95% composite design.
Single moving part

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